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I'm a storyteller with a camera. Engaging my subjects (kids, K9s, and grown-ups) by photographing on location and waiting patiently for moments to happen. Whether it's photographing my subjects on land, in water, or even on the back of a motorcycle, I infuse my playfulness, wit, spontaneity, and love of life into my work.

Besides photography, I'm part detective part dot connector. I've been locating and securing ideal locations for national commercials, print, and video production throughout the beautiful and multifaceted state of Wisconsin for 20ish years. I revel in the quirky and interesting people, places, and things, and love the challenge of delivering the perfect location to the client. 

Specialties: experience shooting in moving cars, on a motorcycles, from water rafts, in a kayak and also on land. Good and patient with shy and or sassy kids, K9s, and grown-ups . Keeping surprise photo shoots hush- hush. 

I'm grateful to my parents for their love, support and encouragement throughout the years. I have them to thank for doing what I love. Thanks mom and dad! For my friends who have been there for me and inspire me, thank-you!