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my love for cameras started early in life. 

My first introduction to a camera was to my dad's Brownie Hawkeye. Not only was it a great toy to play with, it also doubled as a snack holder. I would take off the camera back and pour cheetos into it (thanks dad!). At the age of ten, I received my first working camera (Kodak 110). My first dog Sam was my dedicated subject. Sam was wonderful, sweet, patient and seemed to really like being photographed. Or maybe he had nothing else to do? Nah, doubt it.

In high school photo class, I realized that the medium clicked for me (yeah, I know that pun was too easy, shame on me!). After receiving an associate degree in photography I spent the next two years assisting a commercial photographer. Simultaneously, I explored the areas of beauty and fashion photography, and even had a stint as a video dating service photographer. Those experiences showed me not only that I'm better suited for portrait photography, but also that I have a knack for putting people at ease. This made for a seamless transition into portraiture and wedding photography where I've spent the past nine years.

The nature of my work, environmental portraits, gives me a natural eye for location. For the past eight years I've been a location scout for T.V commercials. I'm the gal who seeks out the environment the director envisions. So don't be surprised if I come knocking on your door.

So, back to Sam. My love for dogs helped me develop (again the pun, I couldn't help myself) my dog photography business. After a warm response to my dog portraits in an art show, I discovered there was a market for photographing the beloved family canine. I'm a regular shooter for Fetch, a magazine for dog enthusiasts. Throughout my career, my photography has given me the opportunity to connect with people, animals and moments that have enriched my life.

I'm grateful to my parents for their love, support and encouragement throughout the years. I have them to thank for doing what I love. Thanks mom and dad! For my friends who have been there for me and inspire me, thank-you!